Dr. Herb currently teaches the following courses at Southern Utah University:


  • MUED 6970 Capstone Projects*
  • MUED 6920 Special Topics in Music Education*
  • MUED 6620 MUED Technology Projects*
  • MUED 6460 Practicum II*
  • MUED 6450 Practicum I*
  • MUED 6220 Music Teaching and Learning*
  • MUED 6210 Curriculum Organization in Music*
  • MUED 6010 Professional Development In Music Education*
  • MUED 5010-5830 Various PD Workshops*
  • MUSC 4980 Student Teaching Seminar in Music
  • MUSC 4970 Instrumental Methods
  • MUSC 4810 Classroom Management and Assessment in Music*
  • MUSC 4710 Instrument Ensemble Literature
  • MUSC 3000 Principles of Music Education*
  • MUSC 2810 Technology For Music Educators*


    Dr. Herb has been active in creating new courses for current and future music educators. He was the driving force for the newly created Master of Music Education degree at SUU. Courses with an asterisk at the end are courses Dr. Herb developed and implemented since his arrival at SUU.


    See Dr. Herb's Fall 2023 Schedule